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Powers Fasteners  


About Powers Fasteners

Powers Fasteners are a global company that specialised in a range of fastening solutions.  Headquartered at Dandenong, Victoria, Powers have Australia wide offices delivering trade quality fasteners.

Powers products fall into 5 main categories:


Powers are worldwide leaders in design and manufacture of mechanical anchoring and fastening systems. Among them is the patented Blue-Tip Screw-Bolt, bolt fixings such as sleeve anchors and through bolts, Spike Fixings and Mungo.


Powers are have underdone research and development of adhesive fastening systems over 15 years.  Their specialty lies in injection adhesive anchoring.  Their chemical and adhesive anchoring systems are some of the broadest in the industry.

Forced Entry

Powers are pushing the boundaries with powder and gas actuated fastening systems (called forced entry).  These can be used for timber to timber applications, as well as heavy duty steel to steel , or steel to concrete.  Tools include Trak-It nail guns, and the various pins & gas to suit.

Drilling and Cutting

Powers have a range of drill bits, including German quality carbide tipped for efficient installation of their anchor systems. The range includes SDS, Extreme Multi fit bionic tipped drill bits that range from 4mm to 26mm in diameter and up to 1 metre in length.  Powers have also teamed up with Starborn Industries with their SMART-BIT, the popular pre-drilling and countersinking tool used commonly for stainless steel decking screws.

Screws and Rivets

Powers are a major supplier to the building and construction industry with a huge range of screws for almost every application. Their range has depth with bimetal stainless steel screws for corrosive coastal or industrial applications, aswell as Self Drilling Screws, Type 17, Chipboard, and Needle Point.  Powers are strategically alligned with Muro and supply their Auto Feed Screw Driving Systems.  The Powers Woodpecker is an industry favourite self drilling decking screw, available in stainless steel 316 for highly corrosive environments.