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Batten Screws

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  1. Batten Screws Stainless Steel 316

    For use in highly corrosive environments such as beachside boardwalks and areas subjected to pooling, stainless steel 316 batten screws are perfect for fixing heavy duty timber boards.

    Starting at: $39.00

    Stainless Steel 316

  2. Carb-I-Tool Carbide Tipped Countersink and Drills

    Professional Series Countersinking Tool. Co-developed with Better Hardware, Carb-I-Tool now have a complete range of carbide tipped countersinking tools for use with our 8 and 10 gauge decking screws and 14 gauge batten screws.

    Starting at: $6.50

  3. Batten Screws Class 3 Galvanised

    Galvanised Batten Screws are popular for fastening heavy timbers where corrosion resistance is required, such as external environments.

    Starting at: $9.90

    Galvanised Class 3

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3 Item(s)