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Decking Screw Bundles

Choose from the following categories:

  • 8 Gauge (coming soon)

  • A fantastic range of smaller decking screws for thinner boards where strength is less important and price is also a consideration.
  • 9 Gauge (coming soon)

  • From Powers Fasteners comes the 9G x 53mm Trim Head decking screw. Super popular. It's easy to drive in due to a special 'relief thread'. We have great feedback regarding these screws. The #2 square drive Trim Head is discreet. Most commonly used for thinner boards such as 90mm width or less.
  • 10 Gauge

  • The most commonly sold decking screws on the market are the 10G x 50mm and 65mm. High quality, trade grade screws. Not Chinese rubbish. Expect super sharp pricing with our handy bundle packs.
  • 12 Gauge

  • Solid decking screws for wider or thicker boards. Commonly used with 140 width or more. Sits neatly between 10G screws which just don't have enough holding power and 14G batten screws which can be engineering and price overkill.