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FREE Metro Shipping ... Now You've Gotta Love That

Free Metro Shipping on Orders over $99

A. Your order must qualify for free shipping

Better Hardware offers Free Metro Shipping on the following orders:

  1. The combined value of the order must be at least AUD $99 (inc GST); and
  2. The combined order must weigh 22 kg or under; and
  3. The combined order must be capable of being sent by standard Australia Post; and
  4. The delivery address must be metro Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, or Canberra; and
  5. The order must not be excluded from Free Shipping under section B (see below).


B. Exclusions to Better Hardware’s free metro shipping offer

Better Hardware’s Free Metro Shipping offer does not apply:

  1. Where the combined value of the order is less than $99; or
  2. To orders that must be sent in palletised freight or exceed Australia Post standard shipping dimensions; or 
  3. To orders exceeding 22 kg (as these can not be shipped by Australia Post in a single carton); or
  4. To Bulky Goods marked “Bulky Goods” on the product page; or 
  5. Where the delivery address is outside metro Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, or Canberra; or
  6. Where you have selected an ‘expedited shipping’ option.


We aim to give our customers the best possible deal and reduce shipping charges wherever possible. Sometimes we can offer free shipping for orders that are not within these restrictions/guidelines – but it’s up to Better Hardware’s sole discretion. Please contact us to discuss your options.