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 Innosoft B570 & Innoprotect B580

Stainless Steel Protector & Cleaner - Innosoft B570 & Innoprotect B580 - 100ml Twin Pack


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  •  Innosoft B570 & Innoprotect B580  Innosoft B570 & Innoprotect B580
  • Stainless Steel balustrade tea staining - cleaned with Innogel B450 Stainless Steel balustrade tea staining - cleaned with Innogel B450

Stainless Steel Protector & Cleaner - Innosoft B570 & Innoprotect B580 - 100ml Twin Pack

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Stainless Steel Protector & Cleaner. Innosoft B570 100ml and Innoprotect B580 100ml Twin Pack. Organic cleaning agent for removing rust and tea staining from stainless steel and other metals. Keep your stainless steel shining and protected.

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Are you having constant problems keeping your stainless steel, aluminum or other metal products free from rust, tea staining, or simply everyday grease and grime?

It could be your handrails (indoors or out), your pool fencing, door handles and light fittings, or your household appliances like your microwave, dishwasher, oven, stove, range hood, etc. Even smaller everyday items such as your toaster or kettle.

Stainless steel is growing in popularity and has become quite common in everyday items. Although Stainless Steel is very durable and low maintenance, it is definitely not maintenance free!

It's important to keep your stainless steel clean and regularly maintained. With regular maintenance you can prolong the lifetime of stainless steel, prevent corrosion problems and ensure that it looks fantastic for years to come. Whether you are talking about stainless steel or aluminum, we can provide everything to help you keep your metal free from rust and in the best condition possible.

Our approach simple: A unique line of cleaners and rust removers.

We now offer a solution to remove and prevent tea staining, rust, corrosion and even other tarnishing on non-ferrous metals by offering a range of maintenance and cleaning products that will remove rust from stainless steel, whilst protecting your Stainless Steel from future contamination.

Quick demonstration video of Innosoft and Innoprotect stainless steel cleaner/protectors

Remove rust with Innosoft B570

Rust remover for removing rust and tea staining from stainless steel and other metals.

Innosoft B570 is a special deep cleaner that removes oxides like rust from stainless steel. It is a smooth white viscous liquid consisting of organic acids and surface-active agents and it is free from abrasive particles. Innosoft B570 is suitable for the intensive cleaning of contaminated surfaces like flash rust and other rusty areas, also known as‘tea-stains’.

Removing rust was never as easy as it is now. This is not a pickling agent, so it does not attack the metal. Innosoft B570 is non-aggressive for metals, but very effective on oxides and dirt. This product is also unique because it is organic, so it is not harmful to people and the environment. As a result, Innosoft B570 is also suitable for in the food industry as well.

Although Innosoft B570 was originally developed for removing rust from stainless steel, it has become apparent that it also gives good results on other metals like copper, aluminum and even plain steels. Common white corrosion spots on aluminum can also effectively be removed by using this product. To give you an impression of how unique Innosoft is, we ask you to see our gallery. There you can see how using Innosoft can remove rust from all kinds of objects

Of course rust cleaners and pickling agents are readily available. So what makes Innosoft B570 so unique?

  • Innosoft B570 works! Flash rust upon stainless steel disappears smoothly quickly and easily.
  • It does not only work on stainless steel, but also on other metals like copper and aluminum
  • The product is organic! So it is not dangerous for people and environment. Therefore it can be used in the food industry – contrary to the common pickling agents and rust cleaners.
  • It does not affect the oxide skin of the metal: Innosoft B570 is aggressive for rust, but mild for metals.
  • In combination with Innoprotect B580, Innosoft B570 prevents corrosion in the future as much as possible.

Clean Stainless Steel with Innoprotect B580

Innoprotect B580 is a neutral and mild cleaner, which is designed specifically for cleaning protecting stainless steel. It will provide a nano scale protective layer in order to prevent new corrosion as much as possible. Innoprotect B580 is an excellent stainless steel cleaner suitable for the daily maintenance of lightly contaminated surfaces.

For heavily contaminated surfaces or surfaces containing (flash) rust we recommend firstly removing the rust with Innosoft B570. Then we recommend treating the metal with Innoprotect B580 which, next to deep cleaning properties, will provide the metal with a nano scale protective layer.

There are plenty of stainless steel cleaning products available. What makes Innoprotect B580 so unique?

  • Innoprotect B580 protects the stainless steel with a thin protective layer.
  • The necessary exchange of oxygen is promoted by Innoprotect B580
  • With regular use of Innoprotect B580 corrosion will not stand a chance!

Using Innoprotect B580 is simple, just dilute at the recommend ratio in cold water and apply.

This outdoor twin pack comes with the following:
  • 1x Innoprotect B580 100ml Stainless Steel Protector
  • 1x Innosoft B570 100ml Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • 1x Pair of Protective Gloves
  • 1x Applicator

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