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Installation Tools

Here you'll find a comprehensive range of handy wire balustrade installation tools.

Essential Hand Tools

The hand tools are suitable for both mechanical and hydraulically swaged wire balustrade systems. Includes tools for installation between timber-to-timber post sections, metal-to-metal or even timber-to-metal (or masonry).

  • long series drills for drilling your 90mm+ intermediate timber posts
  • driver bits for quick and easy lag eye screw (screw eye) installation
  • bottlescrew tensioners so that you can easily tightening your wire rope runs
  • wire tension gauge to help you accurate meet the regulatory wire run tension requirements
  • wire cutters to simply, easily and precisely sheer the wire
  • countersink bits for flush and clean timber insert installation

Hydraulic Crimping Tools

These tools are essential for crimping (swaging) stainless wire rope securely into the stainless swage fittings, such as bottlescrews and swage stud terminals. For use with our popular wire balustrade kits.

Mechanical Swaging Tools

For crimping (swaging) nickel plated copper swage fittings that come with the eye/eye turnbuckle, eye/hook turnbuckle and jaw/jaw bottlescrew stainless wire balustrade kits.

Rivet Nut Tools

For installing rivet nuts, also called rivnuts or nutserts into timber posts. Available for both RHT and LHT rivet nuts.