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Wire Swaging (Crimping)

Choose from a range of professional hydraulic or mechanical swaging tools and services to complete your wire balustrade project.

Swaging, pronounced 'sway-jing' and also known as crimping is the process of fixing wire to fittings in a secure method. There are two main types of swaging: mechanical and hydraulic.

Hydraulic Swaging is required to crimp stainless steel materials due to their strength. Hydraulic swagers use oil, pressured through a pumping or compression action, to squeeze the swage fittings onto the wire. It is an incredibly strong and secure swaging method and necessary for the many neat wire balustrade systems available.

Mechanical Swaging is suitable for softer copper swage fittings that come with the eye/eye turnbuckle, eye/hook turnbuckle and jaw/jaw bottlescrew stainless wire balustrade kits. Think wire looping around thimbles back onto themselves and being crimped off. These tools are lower cost and fairly easy to use, although a little more elbow grease and time is required to complete the job.

We also offer a Factory Hydraulic Swaging Service, whereby we cut your wire balustrade runs to length. With a purpose built hydraulic swage press capable of 30 Tonnes of crimping pressure, we can connect balustrade wire to the stainless end fittings with incredible force. The strong, professional finish using stainless swage fittings is neat, slimline and will last many years of enjoyment.

Finally, you can Hire our 30 Tonne Hydraulic Swage Press from our Moorabbin, VIC store. Please call us to book to avoid disappointment.