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  1. Wire Rope Cutters Parrot Beak

    Wire rope cutters perfect for cutting wire rope up to 3/16" or 4mm diameter.
  2. Spanner Multi Tool

    Nifty multi-tool complete with spanner and bottlescrew tightening mechanism for M5 and M6 fittings. Perfect for our common balustrade bottlescrews, lag screws and swage stud terminals. High polish stainless steel 304 finish.
    • Buy 2 and above for $10.00 each

    Stainless Steel 304

  3. Spanner for Tightening 5mm (M5) Bottlescrews / Rigging Screws

    Simply, easily and quickly tighten or loosen 5mm bottlescrews with this handy little tool. Only 70mm long, it easily fits between most wire balustrade runs.
  4. Driver Bit for Screw Eyes Stainless Steel 304

    Driver Bit for Screw Eyes, also called Lag Eye Screws. Highly polished finished, and made from Stainless Steel 304 for high corrosion resistance and longevity.
  5. Driver Bit for M6 Lag Eye Screws (Screw Eyes)

    Driver bit used to drive in M6 Lag Eye Screws, also called Screw Eyes.
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5 Item(s)